Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

Our “Seasonal Maintenance” clients love the customer service we provide. All of our clients say how nice it is to have “one professional point of contact.” Account Managers are consistently at their property to ensure a beautiful appearance year-round. Communication is the best way to fully understand a client’s desired service level. Otherwise known as the “scope of work,” the services listed below are defined the way Pro-Care Landscape & Construction would interpret the meanings to be.

“Spring Clean-Ups” are generally performed in the spring and once a year. Our team removes any leftover debris from the previous year. We then professionally edge all landscape beds deep and crisp so that your property still looks great at the end of the season. Double shredded mulch is then installed at proper depths to allow for natural decomposition. *This also prevents excess build up and growth of mold spores.

“Seasonal Pruning” is preformed throughout the season, not just once or twice a year. Some plant material such as roses need pruned in early spring, while burning bushes need cut back almost every other month. Each plant requires different care at different times and we are aware of that. We could visit your property to prune on a bi-monthly basis, ensuring everything looks its best at ALL times. This means you would never see an overgrown shrub again. We prune “a little” multiple times a year rather than pruning “a lot” once or twice a year. Hand pruning at this frequency will also help prevent disease and replacement, translating to cost savings.

“Shearing” of plant material to control growth/size is not the ideal way to keep things looking tidy, but for large properties on a tight budget, we always adapt. Our trained and experienced crew will shape your bushes and shrubs in a symmetrical way giving you the best visual appearance possible. This style of growth control maintenance should be preformed 2-3 times per season.

“Weed Control” means we will keep all landscape beds completely weed free throughout the season. While we are at your property performing one of the many other services listed, we simply take the time to pull and/or spray vegetation. Combining services allows us to manage your property to the desired service level and keep labor costs down. This service should be done at a minimum of every other week, but depending on budget and tolerance, we can customize a maintenance plan that fits your needs.

“Fall Clean-Up” is the term we use for leaf removal, general clean-up and deadheading of annuals, perennials and ornamental grasses. Again, our ability to combine services such as mowing and leaf removal allows us to offer complete property management at lower costs than traditional “al la carte” pricing.